If you are receiving one of  the following common error codes:


Please install the latest version of the emulator.


  1. Check the model of the emulator and the model of the license match.
  2. Check the code is being entered is the correct  type of licence (standalone or network)
  3. If both of these are OK, please fill out the form and attach the "licence.ini" file.


  1. Check the licence code is entered correctly.
  2. If it is, please fill out the form and attach the "licence.ini" file.

Please fill out the form to submit your issue and we will respond with within 2 working days.


Thanks for submitting the form.

CDs / Wrong emulator

I have the fx-83/85GT PLUS on CD but no longer have a CD drive

The fx-83/85GT PLUS calculators are discontinued. You will need an external CD drive or upgrade to the fx-83/85GTX calculators that have replaced them.

I only have an old CD Emulator Licence but no CD Drive on my PC, is there a way I can digitally download the licence?

CD licence codes only work with CDs, so you will need to use an external CD drive. For the latest emulators, please visit our emulator page.

I have downloaded the German emulator version and put in the licence code. The code has now been locked. What do I do?

Unfortunately we cannot unlock used codes. Please request a new licence and install it in the correct emulator.

Installation problems

We have downloaded our emulator onto the incorrect PC, is there a way we can get the emulator onto the correct one?

Unfortunately we cannot unlock licence codes. Please request a new licence and install it.

I try to install the fx-Manager PLUS Subscription (software for 9750GII Plus and 9860GII Plus) from the CD on Windows 10 64-bit machines. The installation does not complete; it gets stuck around the "updating component registration" stage. How do I resolve this?

Please download the latest version of the emulator and request a licence code.