Casio UK are offering all UK schools a special discount on our fx-CG50 graphic calculator. 

fx-CG50 graphic calculator: RRP £149.99 44% discount £83.94 (£69.95 ex-VAT)

Please note that the minimum order for credit account is 5 pieces of any model combination, and is only available to institutions. Casio UK can only supply UK schools with a UK postcode. 


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About the Calculator

CG50 no background.png
 Full capability high-resolution full-colour
 Everything that the fx-9860GII can do PLUS
High resolution display (216x384) shows numbers and labelled axes with a lined grid,
which is not available on the lower resolution (64x128) black and white calculators
Colour display distinguishes different graphs easily
Plot graphs with variable coefficients (great for studying transformations)
Calculate integrals between roots and intersections of graphs
Plot and solve key points and intersection of 3D graphs and objects
Scale axes
Fit a graph to a picture (e.g. a projectile flight)
Import data for analysis by drag and drop from PC to calculator
Select random samples of data