special educational discount for Pearson edexcel customers

In order to prepare for the forthcoming A and AS level changes, we are happy to offer the discounts on the following calculators.

  • Fx-CG50 graphic calculator: RRP £149.99  40% discount £89.99 (£74.99 ex-VAT).
  • Fx-991EX advanced scientific calculator: RRP £39.99 40% discount £23.99 (£19.99 ex-VAT).

Payment Method

We first need to know whether you are ordering on credit account*, or prepayment (credit card, debit card, PayPal).
*please note that the minimum order for credit account is 5 pieces of Fx-CG50 or 10 pieces of Fx-991EX

Order on Credit Account   Order with Prepayment coming soon